Grindhouse Fiction

Howdy. Sorry for the big gap between updates. I started Speed Queen 3 around the time of my last post, and have been working on it regularly since then.

I've also been writing reviews for, which has been fun. Any excuse to write about Preacher every week is good for me.

I've also started another Facebook page, Cult Movie Memes. If you can say for certain that you know what happens when a zombie fights a shark, it's your thing.

I had homemade donuts for the first time the other day, and ate most of the batch. Amazing.

What's that?   Yes, there's a Speed Queen 3. You didn't think I was going to go all Rob Zombie on you and just do two, did you? Yeah, I know the second one isn't out. I just want you to know I'm thinking about you.

The end of this book will determine whether there's a fourth volume. I'm leaning towards keeping it a trilogy and moving on to other stories. I could also do a shared universe, although that can get tricky. All I know is this: shit gets weirder as these books go on. Whether or not the next one is about Donna and Zeke, I aim to freak you the fuck out.

Speed Queen got its first Amazon review recently, which was a wonderful surprise. I'm not doing this to get rich, but to connect with readers, to communicate with like-minded folks who are looking for something badass. It's hard to market, though, seeing as I never know what a story is until it's done.

Maybe that's a good thing, though. This is experimental genre writing, so you can bet it'll always be odd. I'm not the first person to coin this term, but if there's a way to describe my writing, I guess you could call it grindhouse fiction. (It's not an entirely accurate label, but video store fiction   sounds clunky.) I write the stories I wish I could see on TV or at the movies.

They're not meant to be send-ups, though. I'm no fan of faux-grindhouse parodies. I take my thrills genuine and non-ironic, thanks. To me, grindhouse fiction is a continuation of the spirit of trashy, low-budget genre films. They're not on a ratty theater screen, or a TV screen late at night, or any screen at all. Southbound Cinema makes mind movies.

As always, check out Speed Queen on Kindle. You can also find my pages on Facebook, the most active one being Cult Movie Memes. There are also pages for Southbound Cinema, Bald Villain, and Speed Queen. If you find me on Twitter, let me know what you think of any of my projects.

SQ2 and 3 soon. Until then, stay up.