Speed Queen 2   is in editing right now, and will be in your angry, sweaty fists soon. It's bigger than the first in all kinds of ways, including the circumstances our heroes are left in by the end. It's taken forever to write and edit, but I expected as much. It began as an experiment -- what if these awful people kept stealing shit and killing dudes? -- and turned into a bona fide series. (Looks like I'm going to need a regular cover artist. Watch this space.)

The most challenging thing about writing a sequel was taking the characters places they hadn't been yet, both physically and emotionally. Now that I'm writing the rough draft of the third one, I can keep things about the second in mind, repeating the same process as last time. Hopefully, there will be a sense of continuity to the series.

I used Libby Hawker's Take Off Your Pants! and Monica Leonelle's Write Better, Faster  on these books, and they have served me well. I highly recommend both if you're tired of writing in circles, deleting half your shit, and starting over. If you're still not sold on any method other than pantsing, more power to you, but I've been an outline guy since my teens. Why dick around when there's more stories to tell?

That said, I've spent progressively more time outlining these, which can be tedious. It's not a perfect method, but it's more efficient in the long run, especially if you're writing a series. The pantsing comes when you're drafting.

Anyway, once the next two are done, it'll be time to do the audiobook versions. I'll probably do a few short stories for free first, starting with "The Champ," then put the three  Speed Queen books on Audible. All I need to do is build the booth...and try to record when the dogs are quiet. Again, watch (and listen to) this space.

  Big things are coming, my people. Ebooks, audio, video, the whole bit. If my videos or music brought you here, I invite you to stick around. You've got all manner of beautiful surprises coming your way.

Until then, work hard, lift heavy, and never give up.