A Villainous Return

You may be here because of YouTube, ccMixter, or even my Wattpad stuff. I know you haven't heard of Bald Villain, though.

Check out Bald Villain Reviews on YouTube.

Check out Bald Villain Reviews on YouTube.

If you write fiction, reviewing and discussing media can help you generate ideas, approaches, etc. Bald Villain is my new outlet for this. Right now, there are several videos, including a couple of reviews and previous podcasts. The plan is to do new ones regularly, focusing on crime flicks for now.

You'll notice that the first review, "The Mechanic," is a talking head show, while my "Love and a .45" video is voice-over with stills. I'm trying to finesse a consistent style, and this is an early stage. I'm better on mike than on camera, always have been. Its the college DJ in me. I don't think I'll go back to the guy-standing-in-front-of-shelves format for a while. I prefer to write my stuff, then read it. Plus, leaning over to read a laptop is a drag. Jump Cut City.

Yeah, I know: "Get a teleprompter app! And why do you only use stills? And what's with the synthesizer music?" Bah. This isn't that kind of a review show. Like everything I do, I'm trying to do it differently. Also, I really like to make synthesizer music, and want you to hear mine.

I use stills because YouTube is becoming a copyright minefield, and a lot of good creators are being screwed, even though their clip reviews are legally protected under fair use. Nostalgia Critic and Decker Shado have been vocal about this issue, taking time they could have spent doing reviews and spending it on educating their viewers. This problem also affects YouTubers who don't use clips, music, or even stills, like ramboraph4life and OCPcommunications. Those guys do the old-school, riffing style of review, yet even they've been unfairly targeted by copyright-holders and content bots.

So, out of necessity, I choose not only to use stills, but to put them to a funky beat. They're also fun to animate. It's how I did "Danzig Does Zandig," and it works for this format as well. 

Anyway, enjoy the first two reviews below, presented in order. Future titles include "Red Rock West," "Judgment Night," "Assault On Precinct 13," and "Deadbeat At Dawn." Please help me out by suggesting future titles in the comments. I'm doing crime flicks and action movies right now, and trying to stick to cult flicks and forgotten gems. Thanks!


Wait, you just share it from YouTube to your blog? Holy shit! Sorry. I'm an old analog guy.