Why Bernie?

  If you DuckDuckGo the words, "becoming more liberal," you'll find the mainstream media has once again found itself concerned. Perhaps not as concerned as Ben Carson's high school speech teacher, but troubled nonetheless.

The fear of a more tolerant, understanding and fun America runs deep in the corporate lizard-brain, manifesting itself in horror stories right out of EC Comics. Remember when Barack Obama was supposed to be a socialist? It was a smear, of course, made doubly disgusting thanks to its racist undertones. Now we have an actual socialist in the presidential race, and his views make sense to a hell of a lot of people. In its zeal to drag down our current president during his first year, old media effectively did free advertising for his potential successor. 

Bernie Sanders has been drawing massive crowds for too long to be ignored. He is the most progressive mainstream political candidate since Ralph Nader, and doesn't come with the stigma of splitting the ticket. He doesn't take corporate funds. He has consistently championed progressive values and legislation. He hasn't hung out with the Allman Brothers, but no one's perfect.

Until now, the media has been fairly cool with Bernie, treating him like a DC Marshall MacLuhan, a weird, interesting old man. When Bill Maher interviews Bernie, it has the same vibe as Dick Cavett with Timothy Leary, the smartass and the spaceman. America is a land of beautiful dreamers, though, and a lot of Bernie's starry-eyed whims have hit home. Turns out we still like the idea of America being the best country on earth. Free college and health care aside, a Bernie Sanders presidency would be a massive break from business as usual, a middle finger to the establishment from a lot of weird, interesting Americans.

Make no mistake: If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, I will proudly vote for our first woman president. Furthermore, I will do it in honor of every woman who's waited this long to see herself represented in the highest office in the land. It will be a historic opportunity, and a story to tell young people years from now.

Until that day, though, I'm a Bernie guy. We're on the cusp of great change, the beginning of an America I've wanted to see for decades. If Bernie wins, we all win.

If he loses, we keep dreaming.