Donna lives onna

I'm highly productive if you count pocket notebooks. They probably still make the fat spirals that made your front jeans pocket look like a fuse box. Those were cheap. Moleskines aren't. So if you want to blame anything for the stuff I put online, blame those motherfuckers.

For the past few months, I've been working on a sequel to Speed Queen . What began as an experiment has become a rewarding experience, a tough ride that still ain't over. The book has a long way to go before it's ready for your beautiful eyes. I aim to astound you as these vengeful weirdos astound me. I intend to make you love them, even when they're at their worst.

The question is, does the story continue? In my head, no doubt. In fiction, as in life, things chug along. They're good stories. I may cut this off at three and do something else for a while, maybe music again. (Maybe even video, but what a pain in the ass that is.) Then again, I have all kinds of bad shit planned for Donna and Zeke.

I keep saying I'll try other genres, but I already have. When this fire started burning again, my ideas were mostly horror and sci-fi, two genres I don't intend to return to. I even wrote an urban fantasy novel for adults. That was my actual sophomore effort, even less publishable than the space opera that had preceded out. The idea was to get it on the page, then either make it work or pitch it. I didn't have the sense to pitch those early ideas for nearly two years. I whittled.

A truth occurred after a while. I didn't want to write music. I sure as hell didn't want to go back to videos. But I didn't want to write as much, either, until I began to realize that the types of books I read aren't what I was writing. I don't read much sci-fi, fantasy, or horror anymore. Maybe they Wes holdovers from a time when Southbound Cinema was more video-driven.

I read crime. I read action-adventure. I like stuff like Death Wish  and First Blood . (The movies, too.) My favorite Stephen King books are the ones he's done for Hard Case Crime. I like young toughs and grizzled oldtimers, and the dynamic between them. I don't feel like window-dressing them with zombies and steampunk, or whatever literary equivalent of dubstep is out there now. I like books by Jim Thompson, Lawrence Block, and Elmore Leonard. My favorite actors are believable-looking badasses like Charles Bronson. The books and movies I like are old-fashioned. My writing is an attempt at creating something in a similar style, a Cannon Film for your mind.

Eventually, though, I'm going to get tired of this. I want you to know this now. Whether I simply become better as an author or try something what for a while, this time will have to end. Most likely, the work will evolve. In ten years, I want to say I wrote twenty books. If they're all about Donna Derringer, great.

If it resurrects fuzzy memories of zombies and steampunk, please kill the pod person who replaced me and track the real me down. Better yet, don't. He won't get much of a cut, anyway.