Maelstrom Man.

For creators, the best thing about the Internet is the ability to self-publish, particularly now, when doing so has less of a stigma than it used to. Whether you're posting Public Enemy/Tom Jones mash-ups or single-camera reviews of board games, there have never been as many outlets for creativity as there are now.  

As a writer, I've often wondered if there's a place for my work in the new media maelstrom. The glut of writers, some of them good, makes it tougher than ever to get eyes on your work. This is especially true if you're coming off of a decade-long break from writing. (That said, I did a great Scott Ian impression on YouTube.)

That's why it's so cool to know that my second published story will appear in Heater . It tells me that "The Champ" was no fluke, no outlier. More importantly, it keeps me working. A writer needs readers. I've tried writing a vacuum. It's boring, not to mention dark and filed with dust bunnies. When you spend as much time on a story as I do, it's good to know that someone will read it, maybe even take inspiration.

Watch this space, as well as my Twitter, for future news. The third story is close to finished as well, with even more on the way. If you liked "The Champ," you're in on the ground floor of something big. I promise.  

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