It's been a while, and that's not just some horrible song.

First of all, the movies are back. If this thing is really going to happen, if Southbound Cinema is going to become something more than a few droplets of weirdness around the internet, then bringing back the most well-liked thing I've ever produced is a step in the right direction. Not that they were all well-liked, rock star impressions in particular. Danzig fans have a sense of humor, but those Bon Scott fans are brutal.

Secondly, the comments are open, so feel free to chime in. I usually steer clear of conversations with strangers, online or in reality, but if I can gain some kind of insight from a reader, I'm all for it. It's not much different from reading letters to the editor, back when I was in student journalism. Why not?

Thirdly and most importantly, it's pointless to pay for a web site if you don't maximize its potential. For the past few years, Southbound Cinema has been practically inert, save for the aforementioned droplets. My friend Jibri Jones has helped to bring me out from under my rock, and I can't thank him enough. I asked him if he wanted to record a podcast about movies, and he came forward with a ton of great ideas. He still does, every time we get together or talk about the show. The Workprint is in its infancy, but I plan to keep it going for a long time, so watch us grow. Or listen, rather. The man has some fantastic video ideas, and we'll be starting on those soon.

There will be more. Getting a story in Heater was a wonderful experience, a rush like no other. Stories are a communication to the reader, a chance to (best case scenario) artfully express yourself, to put your point of view through the paces of drama and see if it's still your point of view by the time the writing's done. I sent stories out for a while before "The Champ" was published. They were fun, but they didn't have much in the way of heart. "The Champ" is different. I believe in that story, in those people. Even the bad guys. I'm glad it got picked up first. I have several more in the pike, two just about finished, and you'll hear about them soon. Until then, the mp3 of "The Champ" is only a buck. I do voices. it's great.

I have a lot to say. I obsess easily. This blog will be therapeutic for me, an escape from the daily routine, a way to unwind after a workout, a place to explore ideas. Please feel free to bookmark, subscribe, comment, and above all, enjoy. Be good to each other, and I'll catch you on the flip.