Revenge of The Noveling

NaNoWriMo is coming. It's scarier than Halloween, yet far less a pain in the ass than Thanksgiving. Writers the world over are chomping at the bit (or at least the pen cap) to get started, and I'm no exception. 

Question is, what if you're so excited, so ready to go, that you don't want to wait until November 1st? This is the problem I face. I write what I want, when I want. Sometimes it's a novel. Usually it's a little crime story that winds up being half the length of a novel (in rough draft form, anyway). No matter the medium, I always face the danger of losing interest, especially if the pre-writing stage goes too long.

That's the toughest thing. A good writer is supposed to prepare, and if anyone knows what it's like to get stuck without a plan, it's me. Yet I've found myself not giving a fuck after planning a story for weeks. It's difficult to find that enchanted middle ground, but it usually comes after character biographies and plotting with three-by-five cards. Treatments are useful, but they often feel like an unnecessary extra step, like leaving for work two hours early.

One thing writing doesn't wait for  the calendar. That's what I find so perplexing about Nano. If it's time to write this novel, why wait? That, plus my general dislike of workshops, social networks and sharing my work, is giving me pause. 

That said, I still think Nano is a good idea. I used the Nano method to write my first novel, and had a great time. It arguably got me back to writing after years of avoiding it. Whether or not I do it for real this year remains  be seen. 


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